Roll forming machine manufacturer in China

We , located in China, is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer. Our products include roof panel forming machine, sandwich panel production line, tile forming machine, corrugated sheet forming machine, floor deck forming machine, and more. Our forming machine provides high precision, high efficiency, great durability, easy operation, stable performance, and low maintenance cost. Our products are widely used in the construction of light steel structures, industrial factory buildings, warehouses, living quarters, simple steel sheds, villas, pavilions, terraces, and towers, to name a few.

    1. Sandwich Panel Production Line
    2. Sandwich Panel Production Line1. Using PLC combined with a touch screen, our sandwich panel production line is very convenient and reliable to use and can automatically fix length to cut and count.
      2. This line can produce various wall panels, i.e., tongue, groove, and various joint refrigerator panels.
    1. Roof Panel Forming Machine
    2. Roof Panel Forming MachineThis type of roof panel forming machine features high speed, high production, good performance, low labor and is economical. It is the best choice for producing metal sheet cold roll form products.
      Our roof panel forming machine produces different kinds of steel panel tiles for roofs ...
    1. Tile Forming Machine
    2. Tile Forming MachineThe glazed tile produced by this kind of tile forming machine looks beautiful, elegant and noble. They can be used in garden-style factories, traveling scenic spots, hotels, exhibition centers, villas, civil construction and more.
      This kind of tile forming machine consists of a manual decoyer, feeding platform ...
    1. Floor Decking Forming Machine
    2. Floor Decking Forming MachineAs a kind of metal deck forming machine, our floor decking forming machine is aided and optimized by computer. The metal deck produced by this machine has high strength with big wavelength. Used on high buildings, it not only saves steel mold plate, but reduces the weight of storey. With the same bearing capacity, it economizes steel ...
    1. Purlin Forming Machine
    2. Purlin Forming MachineC/Z shape purlins, made by our purlin forming machine, have excellent anti-bending property and are easy to install.
      Our roof panel forming machine consists of a manual decoiler, feeding platform, main molding core, shearing machine, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet ...

Founded in 1996, we have a great deal of experience in producing superior roll forming machine. We achieve top-quality products by applying careful quality control in accordance with ISO9001:2008 standards. Through our highly trained quality inspection department and the expertise of our professional technical staff, we are able to ensure the reliability of the raw materials we use in production. In addition, we set strict standards throughout the entire manufacturing process to guarantee superior performance of all our products. We use advanced CNC manufacturing equipment to ensure the highest precision. We also use the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which contributes to the smooth flow of the production process and the reliable quality of our products. Because of our attention to detail and quality, all of our roll forming machine are CE certified.

In order to provide reliable products at competitive prices, we focus on reducing our costs while maintaining quality. We accomplish this with the use of sophisticated CNC production equipment, resulting in improved production efficiency, and thus, lowered costs.

Furthermore, we have easy access to an abundance of resources. We are located in Botou City in Hebei Province, close to Tianjin Port on the Bohai Sea. There, abundant transportation facilities translate into reduced logistics costs for us and low shipping charges for our clients. This, together with the purchase of materials in large quantities, greatly reduces our cost. This savings is then passed on to our customers.

In addition to high quality products at affordable prices, customers can also expect excellent service at Haide. We offer a one-year warranty on our machines. During the warranty period, if our product is not up to our high quality standard, we replace it free of charge. Additionally, we provide design, installation, training, customizing, and OEM services to our customers.

High quality and competitively priced products, along with complete customer service, have earned us a great number of customers in Russia, Portugal, Tanzania, Vietnam, Thailand, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan, among others. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. The staff at Haide looks forward to working with you in the near future.