The stacker made by We is an automatic stacker that performs material feeding, blanking, stacking, and discharging.

Structure and Function
The stacker is mainly composed of a feeding device, blanking device, pneumatic device, storage table and electric system. The stacker can be used together with a hydraulic uncoiler and colored steel forming machine in an automatic production line, greatly reducing production cost.

Technical Specifications
Outline dimensions: 7000mmx4200mmx1600mm (6m)
Pneumatic system: Air pump (air supply power), equipped by user
Feeding system: Gear motor starts when the steel board is cut off, delivering material by transmission shaft
Motor power: 2.2KW
Storage table: Storing products can move between the left and right by gear motor
Motor power: 2.2KW
Electric control system: Feeding and blanking material automatically
Stacker type: 6m/12m
Thickness: max.300mm

We is an ISO9001:2000 certified stacker manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to our forming machine accessories, we manufacture bending machines, shearing machines, arch forming machines, etc. Our products are CE certified and are in great demand in Chile, Bolivia, Thailand, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan, among other countries.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We look forward to working with you.

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